Case studies showing how statistics can be used in your business.

  • AIA New Zealand

    Is there a need for this insurance product in New Zealand?

    When Liz, from AIA, is researching a new insurance product, this is one of the questions she has to answer. We spoke with Liz to find out where she gets her information.
  • Christchurch Small Business Enterprise Centre

    Is there demand for my business in this area?

    The Christchurch Small Business Enterprise Centre (CSBEC) helps small businesses find answers to questions like this. We spoke with Mike, from CSBEC, to find out what information sources they use.

  • Mitre 10

    How do we analyse our marketplace and plan for future developments?


    Mitre 10 needs data to better understand their market and their customers. They need data that is specific to each of their branches. We spoke to Rod about where he gets the data.

  • New Zealand Post Group

    What branches need to be able to register people for our new RealMe service?

    When New Zealand Post introduces a new product like RealMe, they need information about communities and locations. We spoke with Don to find out where they get it.

  • RCG

    How do we help clients make the right decisions when planning a property development?

    RCG create buildings and environments for the commercial property sector. We spoke with John Polkinghorne about the research data they use as part of their design process.

  • Steel & Tube

    How much steel do we need to import next year?

    Barin, from Steel & Tube, has an answer to this question. We spoke with Barin to find out how he gets the information he needs to do his job.

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