Case studies showing how statistics can be used in your community.

  • Auckland Regional Migrant Services

    We need good data on Auckland to inform our customers. Not just the region, but a breakdown of each local board area/area unit.


    Census data has helped us get the information we need, so we can provide relevant services and support to our customers.

  • Catholic Diocese of Auckland

    We need data on where the ever-changing Catholic population live, so we can make sure we are where they need us to be.


    The census data is broken down into each local board area/area unit of Auckland. We use the data to help the Church plan for the future

  • COMET Auckland

    We need detailed demographic data to help us advocate for a better education system in Auckland.


    We use census data to get detailed information on each local board area/area unit of Auckland.

  • Quitline

    We need New Zealand demographic data broken down into smokers and non-smokers.


    We use census data and our customer records to help us understand trends.

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