Auckland Regional Migrant Services

What we do

We help migrants who have moved to Auckland.

Our data needs

We need good data on Auckland to inform our customers. Not just the region, but a breakdown of each local board area/area unit.

What data we get

We use census data all of the time; it is invaluable. It is conveniently broken down into each local board area/area unit of  Auckland. We get data on:

  • cultural affiliation 
  • languages spoken 
  • population
  • religious affiliation.

How we use the data

  • We have created profiles for each local board area/area unit in Auckland. These help us provide support to our new migrants when they are deciding where to live. In addition, these profiles help local authorities, iwi, businesses, community organisations, and the public be more responsive to our changing communities. 
  • We can understand the cultural diversity across local communities and provide relevant services. 
  • We can target our messages to a particular community and talk to them in their own language.  
  • Shoma.

    Need help finding statistics?

    Contact our Information Advisors – they'll help you find stats on our website or use our online tools.


    Page published 24 March 2015

Shoma Prasad

Regional Communications and Marketing Coordinator


Census data has helped us get the information we need, so we can provide relevant services and support to our customers.

I often use data from the census in newsletters, online articles, and social media campaigns. The online tools are very effective and useful, as I can filter the data based on my information needs.

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