COMET Auckland

What we do

We are a charitable trust that supports education, learning, and skills. We collect and share information to advocate for a better education system in Auckland.

Our data needs

COMET’s work depends on access to detailed and reliable information. We need demographic data for each local board area/area unit of Auckland.

What data we get

We use census data to get detailed information on each local board area/area unit of Auckland. We get data on: 

  • age and sex 
  • cultural diversity 
  • families and households 
  • income 
  • languages spoken 
  • population 
  • qualifications.

How we use the data

  • We use the data and evidence from the community to help us get a complete picture of the education system in Auckland.
  • We analyse and summarise the information and use it to create infographics.
  • We share our findings in reports, family learning programmes, submissions to government, and more. They help people make informed decisions about education. Advocacy and awareness is a big part of COMET’s job.

Alison used census and other official data when she co-wrote Unlocking Auckland’s potential: Adult literacy and numeracy skills in the new Auckland, which highlighted the low skills amongst the working population of Auckland.

  • Alison.

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    Page published 24 March 2015

Alison Sutton

Strategic Analyst


Now that Statistics New Zealand are making so much more data available at Auckland local board area level, my job will get easier

When I started putting together infographics on education for Auckland’s local board areas, it was daunting. I am no statistician! Luckily, we can get most of the data we need from the census.

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