Catholic Diocese of Auckland

What we do

The Diocese covers an area stretching from Kaitaia to South Auckland. As well as churches, we run community services and schools.

Our data needs

We need data on where the ever-changing Catholic population live, so we can make sure we are where they need us to be.

What data we get

The census data is broken down into each local board area/area unit of Auckland. Some of the data we get includes:

  • age and sex 
  • cultural diversity 
  • languages spoken 
  • population 
  • religious affiliation.

How we use the data

  • We use the data to help the Church plan for the future – data on population growth, age, and religious affiliation helps us define new areas where our services may be welcomed. 
  • The data helps us manage existing Catholic schools and community services in the Auckland area and to plan for new schools and services. 
  • It helps us support our existing parishioners and attract new members. 
  • The census helps us understand and support our diverse ethnic community. For example, 2013 Census data shows that 1 in 8 people affiliating with the Catholic denomination identified with at least one Asian ethnic group. 
  • Pat.

    Need help finding statistics?

    Contact our Information Advisors – they'll help you find stats on our website or use our online tools.


    Page published 24 March 2015

Dame Pat Lythe

Leader – Pastoral and Parish Services Group


In a country where more and more people say they have no religion, how can churches find new members?

As part of my job I have been visiting Catholic parishes and helping them make plans for the next year or two. I use the census data for their geographic neighbourhood to point out the difference between our annual counts of Mass attendees and the number of people who say they are Catholic in the census.

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