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Waikato Region

This comprehensive range of regional tables gives you information down to area unit level and is sourced from the 1996 Census of Population and Dwellings. There are 30 tables covering personal and household characteristics, from ethnicity to occupation and housing. See the list of Table Topics.

The following tables in Excel 97 format are available to download free.

Waikato Region (Excel, 1.53MB)

Territorial Authority

Thames-Coromandel District (Excel, 200KB)
Franklin District (Excel, 281KB)
Hauraki District (Excel, 158KB)
Waikato District (Excel, 484KB)
Matamata-Piako District (Excel, 184KB)
Hamilton City (Excel, 394KB)
Waipa District (Excel, 542KB)
South Waikato District (Excel, 227KB)
Otorohanga District (Excel, 169KB)
Rotorua District (Excel, 408KB)
Waitomo District (Excel, 174KB)
Taupo District (Excel, 282KB)

If you want further information, or cannot access the information using Excel, please contact:

Table Topics

Regional tables offer a wide range of information on population and household characteristics. Each table contains data for each area unit within the selected territorial authority or regional council areas. The following tables are available:

Personal Variables

Total Population, Usually Resident Population, Overseas Resident Population by Sex

  1. Age Group (5-yearly) by Sex
  2. Country of Birth by Sex
  3. Ethnic Group by Sex
  4. Languages Spoken by Sex
  5. Religious Affiliation by Sex
  6. Social Marital Status by Sex
  7. Legal Marital Status by Sex
  8. Average Number of Children Born Alive and Age Group (5-yearly) of Mother
  9. Total Personal Income by Sex
  10. Income Sources by Sex
  11. Cigarette Smoking Behaviour (aged 15 and over)
  12. Highest Qualification (aged 15 and over)
  13. Hours of Unpaid Work Outside the Home
  14. Employment Status and Labour Force Status
  15. Industry (Major Division)
  16. Occupation (Major Group)
  17. Main Means of Travel to Work
  18. Dwelling Type (Private, Non Private)

    Household Variables

  19. Dwelling Tenure
  20. Weekly Rent
  21. Means of Home Heating
  22. Means of Cooking
  23. Means of Water Heating
  24. Number of Motor Vehicles
  25. Access to a Telephone
  26. Household Composition
  27. Family Type and Number of Children
  28. Family Type and Number of Dependent Children
  29. Number of Bedrooms
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