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2001 Census: Preliminary Views on Content

What it's about

"Preliminary Views on Content" is a basic reference document for those who have an interest in the content and conduct of the 2001 Census of Population and Dwellings. Statistics New Zealand has ongoing contact with users of census statistics and this report outlines the department's initial views on topics considered to date for inclusion in the next census (scheduled for March 2001) which will meet those user needs. A summary of preliminary topic assessments is set out in Chapter 5. These are intended as a guide for discussion on the content of the 2001 Census.

In finalising the content of the census, the inclusion of questions on priority topics needs to be balanced with the capacity to "fit" them into the type of data collection documents known to work in New Zealand censuses. We seek your input on our preliminary assessment of topics, on its completeness and on the recommendations we have assigned to each. We also welcome your advice on how the information is summarised through the classifications we apply and the measures we derive.

A successful population census is dependent on the full participation and support of the New Zealand public. Accordingly, Statistics New Zealand is promoting the widest possible discussion of the proposals contained in this report.

To make your views known and to become involved in the 2001 Census planning process, please complete the submission form included with this report, using the guidelines provided, and return it to Statistics New Zealand by 30 June 1998. A series of public forums, hui, fono, and other discussions will be held during June throughout the country. These will provide a further opportunity to express your views on the content of the census.

I am confident that, with your participation, the 2001 Census will be successful.


The downloadable files are in Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 format. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader you may download the reader to view or print the contents of this file.

2001 Census - Preliminary Views on Content


Chapter 1: Introduction

The submission process
Where to from here?

Chapter 2: The purpose of the census

The census - what? how? who? why?

Chapter 3: Social statistics uses: implications for census content

The use of statistics on families, households and individuals
Information requirements
Data sources
The role of the census
Data integration

Chapter 4: Constraints and criteria for topic inclusion

Constraints on the 2001 Census
Criteria for inclusion

Chapter 5: Preliminary topic recommendationsStatutory topics

Topics recommended for inclusion in the 2001 Census
Ethnicity and culture
Education and training
Income and wealth
Transport and travel
Household communications
Cyclical census topics
Topics not recommended for inclusion in the 2001 Census

Submission questionnaires

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