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2006 Census meshblock dataset
The 2006 Census Meshblock Dataset is now available. It contains counts starting at the meshblock level for selected variables from the 2006, 2001 and 1996 Census of Population and Dwellings, rebased to 2006 Census boundaries. These counts are at the highest level of each variable’s classification. The dataset also contains counts for area units, wards, territorial authorities, and regional council areas.

The Meshblock Dataset can be integrated with databases (in conjunction with StreetLink) or mapping systems (using Digital Boundaries) to assist analysis and decision making.


You can use our 2006 Census QuickStats about a place map to see boundaries that were used in the 2006 census down to Meshblock level. Click on the area/meshblock to get following variables:

  • Number of people
  • Median age
  • Number of households
  • Median personal income (not at Meshblock level)

Meshblock data quality

All care has been used in surveying, processing, analysing and extracting census data for the Meshblock Dataset. However, all data, and in particular data at finer geographic levels, are subject to possible statistical uncertainty. This uncertainty (non-sample error) may result from, for example, non-response imputation, reporting difficulties for respondents, or mistakes made during processing survey results. Statistics New Zealand adopts procedures to detect and minimise avoidable variation and eliminate mistakes, but they may still occur and they are not easily quantifiable.

For information about the Quality Management Strategy status of different variables, and about specific data quality issues, go to 2006 Census: Information About Data.

View the 2006 Census Quality Management Strategy


Download meshblock dataset


Find information about variables in the meshblock dataset.


Digital Boundaries are files (in digitised form) of the various geographic boundaries for use in mapping and geographic information systems (GIS). Meshblock boundaries and boundaries of larger areas (area units, urban areas, territorial authorities and regional councils) are available in ESRI and MapInfo file formats, in two accuracy levels:

  • Level 1 2007 (most accurate annual pattern)
  • Level 1 2006 Census (generalised)

These are now free for users to obtain.

View more about Digital Boundaries.

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