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Types of dwelling
  • There were 1,478,709 occupied dwellings on census night.*
 Dwelling Occupancy Status
2006 Census
   Number of dwellings
Occupied dwelling  
 Occupied private dwelling with resident(s)  1,454,175
 Occupied private dwelling with no usual resident(s) 17,571
 Total occupied private dwelling 1,471,749
 Occupied non-private dwelling 6,963
Total, occupied dwellings 1,478,709
Unoccupied dwelling    
 Residents away   49,122
 Empty dwelling   110,154
 Dwelling under construction   13,560
Total   1,651,542

* 'Occupied dwelling type' classifies all occupied dwellings according to their structure (number of storeys and whether separate or joined) and function. For the census, a dwelling is defined as occupied if it is:
- occupied at midnight on the night of the census, or
- occupied at any time during the 12 hours following midnight on the night of the census, unless the occupant(s) completed a questionnaire at another dwelling during that period.


An error was found in the table 'Occupied Dwelling Type, 1996–2006 Censuses', with a small number of records coded to the wrong categories for 2001. It has been replaced with the corrected table below. Please see Errata for more information.

The table 'Occupied Dwelling Type' below (revised 31 March 2011) replaces the previous table published 2 May 2007. The affected categories are: 'Institution' and 'Occupied Non-private Dwelling Not Further Defined'. The subcategories within 'Occupied Private Dwelling' and 'Occupied Non-private Dwelling' have also been reordered.

  • The number of occupied dwellings has increased by 8.1 percent between the 2001 and 2006 Censuses. This is higher than the 6.6 percent increase between the 1996 and 2001 Censuses.
 Occupied Dwelling Type
1996–2006 Censuses
 Dwelling type 1996    2001 2006
Number of dwellings
Occupied Private Dwelling      
  Separate House  1,050,144  1,030,077  1,134,369
  Two or More Flats/Units/Townhouses/Apartments/Houses Joined Together  209,163  210,627  252,963
  Other Occupied Private Dwellings(1)  7,338  5,253  10,083
  Occupied Private Dwelling Not Further Defined(2)  9,684  113,883  74,334
  Total Occupied Private Dwelling  1,276,329  1,359,840  1,471,749
Occupied Non-private Dwelling      
  Institution(3)  2,064  2,274  1,605
  Other Non-private Dwellings  5,382  5,787  5,103
  Occupied Non-private Dwelling Not Further Defined(4)  12  303  255
  Total Occupied Non-private Dwelling 7,458 8,364 6,963
Total 1,283,790 1,368,207 1,478,709

(1) This includes mobile and improvised dwellings, roofless or rough sleepers and dwellings in a motorcamp. In 1996 and 2001 this category was called Temporary Private Dwellings. (2) This includes baches, cribs, other holiday homes, and dwellings adjoined to or part of a business or shop. (3) This includes 'residential and community care facilities'. In 2001, these dwellings were classified under 'other non-private dwelling' but are classified under 'institution' in the 2006 classification. (4) Includes communes.

Note: This data has been randomly rounded to protect confidentiality. Individual figures may not add up to totals, and values for the same data may vary in different tables.

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