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2013 Census ethnic group profiles:

Home ownership

For people aged 15 years and over identifying as Māori and living in New Zealand on 5 March 2013:

  • 28.2 percent (109,980 people) stated that they owned or partly owned the home that they lived in. This includes those whose home was held in a family trust.
  • Those born in New Zealand were more likely than those born overseas to own or partly own their own home.
  • Those aged 45–54 were most likely to own or partly own their home (27.3 percent).
Home ownership
Māori and New Zealand population aged 15 years and over
2006 and 2013 Censuses

  Māori NZ population
  2006 2013 2006 2013
Home ownership Percent
Own or partly own usual residence 30.1 28.2 53.2 49.8
Do not own usual residence 69.9 71.8 46.8 50.2
Total people 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0

Source: Statistics New Zealand


Home ownership for Māori
By age group
2013 Census
Home ownership for the specified ethnic group, by age group, 2013 Census

Rental housing

For people identifying as Māori living in households in New Zealand on 5 March 2013:

  • 53.3 percent (293,178 people) were living in households in rental accommodation, compared with 50.2 percent in 2006 and 32.9 percent for the total New Zealand population.
Sector of landlord
Māori and New Zealand population in households in rented occupied private dwellings
2013 Census

  Māori NZ population
Type of landlord Percent
Private person, trust or business 76.6 83.1
Local authority or city council 1.0 1.4
Housing New Zealand Corporation 20.7 14.2
Other state-owned corporation or state-owned enterprise or government department or ministry 1.7 1.3
Total people in households 100.0 100.0

Note: The ethnic group percentages for people in households exclude people away from home on census night. The New Zealand population percentages are based on all people in households, including all people who were away from home on census night.
Source: Statistics New Zealand

Weekly rent paid

For people identifying as Māori living in households in rental accommodation in New Zealand on 5 March 2013:

  • 10.3 percent were living in households in rental accommodation where the household paid less than $100 per week in rent. 19.4 percent paid between $100-$199, 30.4 percent paid $200-$299, 26.2 percent paid $300-$399, and 13.7 percent paid $400 or more.


Note: The sections on rental housing and weekly rent paid combine personal characteristics with the characteristics of the household a person is a part of. They count people. People in the same household can belong to different ethnic groups.

Living in households in rental accommodation consists of people in households who did not own their home or have it in a family trust and were paying rent.

Sector of landlord refers to the type of organisation or person from whom people in households rent or lease private occupied dwellings. It can be the private sector (private person, trust, or business) or the state sector (Housing New Zealand Corporation, local authority or city council, or other state-owned enterprise, or government department or ministry).

This data has been randomly rounded to protect confidentiality. Individual figures may not add up to totals, and values for the same data may vary in text, tables, and graphs. The accuracy of percentages may be affected by this rounding, particularly for ethnic groups with small populations.

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