2013 Census electorate maps user guide

This is the user guide for the desktop version of the electorate maps. Find out how to:

Browse for a location and related information

You can browse for a location by zooming or navigating/panning.


To zoom in or out of the map to find the area you are interested in:

  • use your mousewheel to zoom in and out
  • use the + and - icons in the top left of the map to zoom in and out
  • double click to zoom in.

Map scale

Note the scale on the electorate maps is in miles, abbreviated to mi.


To move around the map:

  • click and hold then drag the map to navigate.

Select an area to view related information

Each area with a boundary is clickable.

  • Click inside an area you would like to view the data for. The data will appear in pop-up panel.

Reset map to start position

To set the map at the start position:

  • click the ‘home’ icon in the top left of the left hand panel.

Supported browsers

  • Latest stable Chrome
  • Latest stable Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 7+

  • StatsMaps.
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