StatsMaps user guide

This is the user guide for the desktop version of StatsMaps. Find out how to:

Browse for a location

You can browse for a location by zooming or navigating/panning.


To zoom in or out of the map to find the area you are interested in:

  • use your mousewheel to zoom in and out
  • use the zoom bar in the top left of the map to zoom in and out
  • double click to zoom in.

To move around the map:

  • click and hold then drag the map to navigate.
Select an area

Each area with a boundary is clickable.

  • Click inside an area you would like to view the data for. The data will appear in the left hand panel.

Search for a location

You can search on the following geographic location types:

  • street address (full address, including number eg 24 The Terrace, Wellington)
  • road name
  • place name
  • meshblock code
  • territorial authority
  • regional council. 
How to search 
  • Click the select a search type field in the left hand panel. 
  • Click the desired search geographic location type (eg street address or road name)
  • In the search text box that appears, start typing the name of the location you want to find. As you type, the search will generate a list of possible results. 
  • Click the desired search result in the list and the map will zoom to that location. 

Use the choropleth function

Areas are shaded in proportion to the measurement of the variable being displayed on the map.

  • Select the variable you would like to display.
  • Click apply.

Change year of data with time slider

To change the year of the data displayed on the map (Desktop only):

  • click and drag the slider bar to the desired year.

Reset map to start position

To set the map at the start position:

  • click the refresh button in the top left of the left hand panel.

Share a map

To share a map to Facebook, Twitter,  or Google+:

  • select area you would like to share
  • click the share button in the level hand panel
  • select the social network you would like to share the map on.

Embed a map

To embed a map into your own website:

  • click the share button in the level hand panel
  • click embed
  • copy the HTML code
  • paste this into your HTML.

The map will display at the current position.

Print a map

To print the current view of a map:

  • click the print button in the left hand panel.

Supported browsers

  • Latest stable Chrome
  • Latest stable Firefox
  • IE8+


UI design - Statistics NZ Web-Ex team

Map data provided by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and Eagle Technologies.

Mapping application developed by Geographic Business Solutions (GBS).

  • StatsMaps.
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