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Privacy, security, and confidentiality of information supplied to Statistics NZ
How we look after your information

Find out how Statistics NZ ensures the privacy, security, and confidentiality of information we collect on individuals, households, and businesses. This includes how we use, store, and distribute our information.

This privacy statement covers all information we collect through our surveys and other sources (eg administrative data), for producing official statistics and research.

Privacy and security on our website covers privacy for information we collect when you visit the Statistics NZ website.

Information privacy, security, and confidentiality are central to all our activities

The data we collect benefits everyone. It is used for statistical purposes and for research that’s necessary to empower decision-making by New Zealanders, businesses, and government.

We rely on people’s trust and goodwill to continue to supply us with quality information – so we can unleash the power of data for all New Zealanders to use. To maintain this trust, we are committed to transparency in all our processes and we work closely with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner to ensure we follow best practice.

We recognise and value the contribution you make by providing data. In return, we apply ethical, statistical, and security best practice standards to ensure privacy, confidentiality, and security for your data. We require others who use our data to apply the same standards. Our dedicated IT security team monitors and evaluates internal and external security issues and risks.

Much of the data we use to produce official statistics and research comes from individuals, households, and businesses, and contains personal and commercially sensitive information.

We also collect data indirectly from third parties. We do this because using data you’ve already supplied to another agency minimises your effort, and maximises the usefulness of your data.

We link the information people give us with information collected by other agencies. This increases the usefulness of the information to researchers who are answering important questions about New Zealand.

We may also share data for research and statistical purposes. When we share your data with others we ensure your confidentiality and privacy is protected. Everyone we employ, and all researchers, sign a ‘statutory declaration of secrecy’. This declaration is a lifetime obligation.

When we share individual, household, or business information with other government agencies for statistical and public interest research, we remove all names, addresses, and other identifiable information. We never share identifiable information for operational purposes with other agencies (eg Inland Revenue, NZ Police) without your consent.

Our published statistics and research do not identify individuals, households, or businesses.

We retain information for as long as it has statistical or research value. We store archived data securely and, if it’s no longer needed, we destroy it.

Additional information

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Our commitment

Your privacy is important to us. At Statistics New Zealand, we are committed to keeping your information completely secure and confidential. We recognise the value of data and ensure that the data we collect benefits everyone, and is only used for research or statistical purposes to inform good decision-making by Government, business, and all New Zealanders.

We ensure:

  • privacy by collecting only the information we need and using it for that purpose
  • security by keeping data safe from unauthorised access and use
  • confidentiality by not releasing information that could identify individuals, households, or businesses.

You can contact us for any information about our commitment to privacy, security, and confidentiality by emailing or call our toll-free line at 0800 104 744, Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30pm. We are not open on public holidays.

Updated 9 May 2017

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