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Previous consultations

We have previously asked for feedback on the following topics.

Statistical standard for geographic areas: 2015 review
As part of our ongoing review of  the Statistical Standard for Geographic Areas, we sought feedback in December 2015 on options for the population size of small-area geographies (SA1 and SA2) and characteristics of a new urban/rural geography. 

See Statistical standard for geographic areas: 2015 review for more information.

Labour cost index non-wage statistics
In September 2015, we sought feedback on the need for, and use of, labour cost index (LCI) non-wage statistics.

2018 Census content
We sought feedback from customers about content for the 2018 Census. A discussion forum ran from 30 April until 30 June 2015. Formal submissions were open from 18 May to 3 July 2015.

Concept of gender identity – invitation to comment
We sought comment from people and organisations on the concept of gender identity and related terms.

The proposed concept of gender identity and definitions of related terms set out definitions to help develop a consistent way of measuring and using gender identity data. It was developed by Statistics NZ in consultation with other government agencies, with advice from the Human Rights Commission.

The objective was to encourage central government agencies to move towards a standardised approach. To find out more, visit Classifications and standards under review.

The comment period ran from 14 July until 1 August 2014.

New Zealand General Social Survey consultation
Consultation regarding proposals for content of the 2016 New Zealand General Social Survey (NZGSS) opened on 16 April and closed on 30 May 2014.

See Decision on the New Zealand General Social Survey 2016 supplement

Every two years the NZGSS interviews 8,000 people aged 15 years and over to measure the overall well-being of New Zealanders, and how people in different population groups are faring. This helps us analyse how different aspects of people’s lives affect their well-being and social outcomes.

From 2014 the NZGSS includes a programme of rotating supplements and we are now considering the supplement topic for 2016.

Topic options include:

  • civic and cultural participation
  • housing and physical environment
  • or “you tell us”.

CPI 2014 user consultation
Statistics NZ sought feedback on the CPI Advisory Committee’s recommendations. Feedback was requested by Friday, 14 March 2014. We asked:

  • Should the CPI be monthly?
  • Which regions should CPI prices be collected from?
  • Should we produce price indexes for particular groups of households, and if so, which groups?

Labour demand measure consultation
Statistics NZ sought feedback to help with redeveloping the Quarterly Employment Survey to make more use of administrative data. Feedback was requested by Friday 25 October 2013. We asked:

  • Which of the current labour demand statistics available from the QES and Linked Employer-Employee Dataset (LEED) was crucial to your business and why?
  • What impact would there be on your business if these statistics became unavailable, or were produced less frequently (eg six-monthly or annually)?
  • Thinking beyond statistics currently produced, what other labour demand measures would you like to see (eg labour mobility, skills, redundancies)?

New Zealand General Social Survey 2014 
What do you think should be included in the 2014 NZGSS? Please tell us what you think about our plans to change the New Zealand General Social Survey (NZGSS). We'll use the information you provide to improve the NZGSS. Comments  were sought by 31 July 2013.

Local Authority Statistics release
Statistics NZ has been reviewing the content provided in the Local Authority Statistics release. Comments on the content were sought by 31 July 2013.

New Zealand Income Survey consultation
To help make decisions about proposed changes to the New Zealand Income Survey (NZIS), Statistics NZ sought information about what NZIS data people used. Feedback was invited until 29 May 2013.

CPI Advisory Committee 2013
Statistics NZ invited public submissions on the topics covered in the discussion and background papers, and other topics concerning the consumers price index (CPI). Submissions closed on 24 April 2013. The 2013 CPI Advisory Committee considered the submissions in May 2013.

Census Transformation: User Consultation Survey
Statistics NZ requested feedback to help find out how people used census data, and how possible changes to the way the Census of Population and Dwellings is run might affect them. Submissions were invited until 3 May 2013.

Population domain plan 2012: Draft for public consultation
Statistics NZ sought feedback on this draft domain plan. The submission period ran from 17 December 2012 until 22 February 2013.

New Zealand arrival and departure card information: Consultation
The closing date for this consultation was 7 December 2012.

Tatauranga Umanga Māori

In 2012 we informed users of our progress in respond to the need for statistics about Māori businesses and sought feedback on issues raised. Consultation closed on 31 August 2012.

Updated 24 November 2015

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