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Our organisation

A refreshed strategic direction

This year, 2014/15, we recognised that in an ever-changing world we need to be proactive and responsive to the emerging ‘data ecosystem’. At the same time, we need to retain our reputation as a trusted and independent provider of official statistics that generate value for New Zealand and its people.

In response to these environmental changes, and with consideration of what New Zealand needs from us into the future, we refreshed our strategic direction.

Our new direction widens our focus, from statistics to data, and specifies how we will add value through the roles we play within the data ecosystem.

Our goal is to increase the value that decision-makers, and New Zealand as a whole, obtain from the work that we do.

Our initial target is to double the value of the data we provide by 2018. We will achieve this by adopting and promoting more efficient and effective data practices, developing data capability across the government sector, and continuing to meet the needs of our key customer groups, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Our roles

Our organisation plays four key roles as we deliver value to decision-makers (figure 1). These roles – Provider, Enabler, Innovator, and Steward – leverage off our reputation as a world-class national statistics office. They also provide us with the tools and techniques we require to achieve our vision: Unleashing the power of data to change lives.

Figure 1: Statistics NZ’s four roles

Image, Statistics NZ’s four roles.

The four roles that underpin our strategic direction demonstrate the new and enhanced areas in which we need to operate to double the value of data. Figure 2 illustrates how, as a result of the refresh, we evolved from our previous strategic priorities into these new roles.

Figure 2: The evolution of our priorities into our roles

Image, The evolution of our priorities into our roles.

Our structure

The Minister of Statistics is Craig Foss and the Government Statistician and Chief Executive is Liz MacPherson.

The Executive Leadership Team leads our five organisational groups, along with the Government Statistician.

The Executive Leadership Team oversees and sets the direction of the organisation. It promotes and protects the long-term interests of our organisation and the Official Statistics System (OSS).

Figure 3: Statistics NZ’s structure

Image, Statistics NZ’s structure.

Our outputs

We are funded through Vote Statistics, which receives two appropriations:

  • a multi-category output appropriation for official statistics
  • a multi-year appropriation for the Census of Population and Dwellings.

The appropriations cover:

  • coordinating government statistical activities
  • providing population, social, and labour force statistical information services
  • providing economic and business statistical information services
  • completing the 2013 Census of Population and Dwellings
  • preparing for a 2018 Census and the continuation of the Census Transformation Programme.

For more detail on our outputs, refer to the Vote Statistics Main Estimates 2014/15 on the Treasury website,

Image, infographic short banner.
See Statistics NZ by the numbers for the year ended 30 June 2015 – infographic 

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