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Our strategic direction

Download our one page strategic direction (PDF, 185kB) from the downloads box.

Our vision and goal

Our vision is to unleash the power of data to change lives, which will enable data-led innovation across society, the economy, and the environment. At the centre of this vision is the knowledge that the data that we and others steward contains insights into New Zealand’s greatest problems, challenges, and opportunities. The roles we will play and the products and services we will offer in the future will further enable all New Zealand decision makers to make well-informed decisions to positively change lives.

We are one of the leaders in New Zealand’s data ecosystem, which consists of individual citizens; businesses, government agencies, non-government organisations, communities, and groups; Māori and iwi; and international organisations who generate, share, and use data.

Our goal is to increase the value of data to decision-makers 10-fold in the next 15 years.

Our roles

As we build on our role as the provider of official statistics, we are focusing on unleashing the power and value of data in our roles as enablers, innovators, and stewards of data. We increasingly work with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders in a number of ways.

We see ourselves as:

  • providers: continuing to provide trusted and independent data, and developing new products and services for existing and new customers based on customers’ needs
  • enablers: enabling New Zealand’s decision-makers by providing relevant data and insights. We do this by understanding what our customers use data for, empowering customers to understand and use data, and providing targeted bespoke analysis for decision-makers
  • innovators: driving value for customers through the use of innovative tools and techniques for the management, analysis and communication of data and information
  • stewards: working with others to ensure that the data ecosystem is robust, and that data is managed as a strategic asset. We help ensure data’s integrity, privacy, and security is preserved.


What we offer 

While we continue to provide statistics to enable critical decision-making, we are growing and strengthening the products and services we offer to customers, suppliers, and stakeholders to respond to emerging needs.

You will be able to access:

  • Statistics for critical decision-making: We are providing critical statistics about New Zealand’s population, society, economy, and environment. These statistics include GDP, CPI, employment rates, and migration rates.
  • Data services: We will increasingly provide data in various forms by collecting data, cleaning it, de-identifying and confidentialising it, and making it available to the New Zealand public. We will guide customers, intermediaries, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders to other data sources as well as setting quality standards and providing regulation for the New Zealand data ecosystem through setting standards to ensure quality.
  • Insights: We will increasingly work with our customers, intermediaries, and suppliers to enable them to draw valuable conclusions from their (or our) data.
  • Consulting services: We will increasingly provide advice, coaching, and collaboration in the areas of data and statistics. We will offer assistance and coaching with data cleaning, integration, and analysis. We will provide guidelines and support as to how to implement the regulations for the New Zealand data ecosystem. We will collaborate and co-design the data, statistics, or insight that the customer, partner, and/or intermediary needs. We will provide bespoke solutions that the customer, partner, and/or intermediary needs.

Contact to find out how we can help you find the data and statistics you need to make decisions.


Latest strategy documents and reports

Here are links to our latest strategy documents and reports.

Stats NZ Output Plan 2017/18 (published September 2017)
The latest outputs and activities that the Minister of Statistics has agreed to purchase from Statistics NZ, with the standards we will use to measure our performance in delivering them.

Strategic intentions for the period 2016/17–19/20 and Annual report for the year ended 30 June 2016 (published 2016)
This document brings together our 2015/16 annual report and our 2016/17–19/20 strategic intentions into one document. This new format allows us to tell a continuous story about our performance and intentions, enabling a clear performance narrative that is connected to our future focus.

Performance Improvement Framework 
The performance improvement framework (PIF) review is an independent assessment of Statistics NZ's performance that provides recommendations for improvements.

See also Our publications for previous documents.

Page updated 22 September 2017

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