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Statistical Publications 1840–2000

A comprehensive overview of more than 150 years of statistical publications.

The following downloadable files are available in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader you may download the reader to view or print the contents of this file.

Preface and Introduction StatPubsIntroduction (PDF, 115KB)
Chapter 1: History of Statistical Output in New Zealand pp 1–7 StatPubschapter1 (PDF, 152KB)
Chapter 2: Early Statistical Sources – 19th Century pp 8–23 StatPubschapter2 (PDF, 182KB)
Chapter 3: Statistics of New Zealand – 1853 to 1920 pp 24–30 StatPubschapter3 (PDF, 108KB)
Chapter 4: Descriptive History of Major Publications pp 31–38 StatPubschapter4 (PDF, 155KB)
Chapter 5: General Publications pp 39–45 StatPubschapter5 (PDF, 161KB)
Chapter 6: Census of Population and Dwellings pp 46–75 StatPubschapter6 (PDF, 261KB)
Chapter 7: Social Surveys pp 76–91 StatPubschapter7 (PDF, 196KB)
Chapter 8: Social Statistics pp 92–103 StatPubschapter8 (PDF, 192 KB)
Chapter 9: Macroeconomic Statistics pp 104–111 StatPubschapter9 (PDF, 189KB)
Chapter 10: Primary Industry – Agriculture, Fishing and Hunting, Forestry and Mining pp 112–118 StatPubschapter10 (PDF, 163KB)
Chapter 11: Manufacturing, Electricity, Gas and Water pp 119–126 StatPubschapter11 (PDF, 148KB)
Chapter 12: Building and Construction pp 127–132 StatPubschapter12 (PDF, 156KB)
Chapter 13: Domestic Trade, Accommodation and Restaurants pp 133–135 StatPubschapter13 (PDF, 135KB)
Chapter 14: Transport and Communications pp 136–138 StatPubschapter14 (PDF, 127KB)
Chapter 15: Finance, Insurance and Services pp 139–146 StatPubschapter15 (PDF, 571KB)
Chapter 16: Statistics of Government pp 147–152 StatPubschapter16 (PDF, 143KB)
Chapter 17: External Trade pp 153–166 StatPubschapter17 (PDF, 170KB)
Chapter 18: Prices, Wages and Labour Demand pp 167–178 StatPubschapter18 (PDF, 598KB)
Chapter 19: Environment p 179 StatPubschapter19 (PDF, 89KB)
Chapter 20: Miscellaneous Statistical Catalogues and Reports pp 180–194 StatPubschapter20 (PDF, 204KB)
Chapter 21: Statistical Manuals and Classifications pp 195–198 StatPubschapter21 (PDF, 160KB)
Author Index pp 199–200 StatPubsauthorindex PDF, 117KB)
Subject Index pp 201–219

StatPubssubjectindex (PDF, 267KB)

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