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Annual Enterprise Survey: 2010 financial year (provisional)
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  16 September 2011

The following tables are printed with this information release and can also be downloaded from the Statistics New Zealand website in Excel format from the Downloads box. If you do not have access to Excel, you may use the Excel file viewer to view, print, and export the contents of the file.

Broad industry group tables

These tables are at New Standard Industrial Output Categories (NZSIOC) level 1 (16 industry groups).

1.01 All industries
1.02 Agriculture, forestry, and fishing
1.03 Mining
1.04 Manufacturing
1.05 Electricity, gas, water, and waste services
1.06 Construction
1.07 Wholesale trade
1.08 Retail trade and accommodation
1.09 Transport, postal, and warehousing
1.10 Information media and telecommunications
1.11 Financial and insurance services
1.12 Rental, hiring, and real estate services
1.13 Professional, scientific, technical, administrative, and support services
1.14 Public administration and safety
1.15 Education and training
1.16 Health care and social assistance
1.17 Arts, recreation, and other services

Supplementary tables

The following tables can be downloaded from the Statistics New Zealand website in Excel format.

Predominant balance dates

These tables show the predominant balance data for each NZSIOC level 1 industry and lower level ANZSIC06 industry classification.

2.01 Predominant balance dates by NZSIOC level 1
2.02 Predominant balance dates by published industry

Supplementary industry tables

These tables provide more detailed industry information (51 industries) than is included in the broad industry group tables.

3.01 All industries
3.02 Horticulture and fruit growing
3.03 Sheep, beef cattle, and grain farming
3.04 Dairy cattle farming
3.05 Poultry, deer, and other livestock farming
3.06 Forestry and logging
3.07 Fishing and aquaculture
3.08 Agriculture, forestry, and fishing support services, and hunting
3.09 Mining
3.10 Food product manufacturing
3.11 Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing
3.12 Textile, leather, clothing, and footwear manufacturing
3.13 Wood product manufacturing
3.14 Pulp, paper, and converted paper product manufacturing
3.15 Printing
3.16 Petroleum and coal product manufacturing
3.17 Basic chemical and chemical product manufacturing
3.18 Polymer product and rubber product manufacturing
3.19 Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing
3.20 Primary metal and metal product manufacturing
3.21 Fabricated metal product manufacturing
3.22 Transport equipment manufacturing
3.23 Machinery and other equipment manufacturing
3.24 Furniture and other manufacturing
3.25 Electricity and gas supply
3.26 Water, sewerage, drainage, and waste services
3.27 Building construction
3.28 Heavy and civil engineering construction
3.29 Construction services
3.30 Wholesale trade
3.31 Motor vehicle and motor vehicle parts, and fuel retailing
3.32 Supermarkets, grocery stores, and specialised food retailing
3.33 Other store-based retailing and non-store retailing
3.34 Accommodation and food services
3.35 Road transport
3.36 Rail, water, air, and other transport
3.37 Postal, courier, transport support, and warehousing services
3.38 Information media services
3.39 Telecommunications, internet, and library services
3.40 Finance
3.41 Insurance
3.42 Auxiliary finance and insurance services
3.43 Rental and hiring services (except real estate)
3.44 Property operators and real estate services
3.45 Professional, scientific, and technical services
3.46 Administrative and support services
3.47 Local government administration
3.48 Central government administration, defence, and public safety
3.49 Education and training
3.50 Health care and social assistance
3.51 Arts and recreation services
3.52 Other services

Supplementary tables excluding general government

These tables are selected supplementary industry tables that exclude general government activity.

4.01 Water, sewerage, drainage, and waste services (excluding general government)
4.02 Heavy and civil engineering construction (excluding general government)
4.03 Road transport (excluding general government)
4.04 Telecommunications, internet, and library services (excluding general government)
4.05 Professional, scientific, and technical services (excluding general government)
4.06 Education and training (excluding general government)
4.07 Health care and social assistance (excluding general government)
4.08 Arts and recreation services (excluding general government)

Detailed industry data availability

Data collected in the Annual Enterprise Survey is available at various levels of detail. Tables in this release are at NZSIOC level 1 (16 industry groups), and there is a further disaggregation in the supplementary tables (51 industries).

A finer level of detail is available on request, subject to confidentiality and quality constraints. Depending on the detail and type of analysis required, there are a number of available options. We will advise on the most appropriate data to suit a user's needs. Contact our information centre to request more information.

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