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Annual Enterprise Survey: 2005 financial year (provisional)
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  06 October 2006

The following tables can be downloaded from the Statistics New Zealand website in Excel 97 format. If you do not have access to Excel 97 or higher, you may use the Excel file viewer to view, print and export the contents of the file.

Tables 1.01–1.02 and 2.01 are contained within the Commentary.

List of tables

3.01 All industries
3.02 Agriculture, forestry and fishing
3.03 Mining
3.04 Manufacturing
3.05 Electricity, gas and water supply
3.06 Construction
3.07 Wholesale trade
3.08 Retail trade
3.09 Accommodation, cafes and restaurants
3.10 Transport, storage and communication
3.11 Finance and insurance
3.12 Property and business services
3.13 Government administration and defence
3.14 Education
3.15 Health and community services
3.16 Cultural and recreational services
3.17 Personal and other services

Supplementary Tables

Balance Dates

2.01 Predominant balance dates by ANZSIC division
2.02 Predominant balance dates by industry

Industry Tables

4.01 All industries
4.02 Horticulture and fruit growing
4.03 Livestock and cropping farming
4.04 Dairy cattle farming
4.05 Other farming
4.06 Services to agriculture, hunting and trapping
4.07 Forestry and logging
4.08 Fishing
4.09 Mining
4.10 Food manufacturing
4.11 Beverage, malt and tobacco manufacturing
4.12 Textile and apparel manufacturing
4.13 Wood product manufacturing
4.14 Paper and paper product manufacturing
4.15 Printing, publishing and recorded media
4.16 Petroleum, coal and basic chemical manufacturing
4.17 Rubber, plastic and other chemical product manufacturing
4.18 Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing
4.19 Basic metal, structural, sheet and fabricated metal product manufacturing
4.20 Transport equipment manufacturing
4.21 Machinery and equipment manufacturing
4.22 Other manufacturing
4.23 Electricity generation and supply, gas and water supply
4.24 Construction
4.25 Wholesale trade
4.26 Retail trade
4.27 Accommodation, cafes and restaurants
4.28 Road transport
4.29 Other transport, storage and transport services
4.30 Finance
4.31 Insurance
4.32 Services to finance and insurance
4.33 Commercial property and real estate
4.34 Other property services
4.35 Business services
4.36 Public administration and defence
4.37 Local government administration
4.38 Education
4.39 Health and community services
4.40 Cultural and recreational services
4.41 Personal and other community services

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