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Consumers Price Index: September 2016 quarter – corrected
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  07 November 2016
Data quality

Period-specific information

Reference period

We collected prices during July to September 2016. Statistics NZ staff visited retail outlets during 1–18 August. We collect prices for food and non-food groceries each month, usually between the 8th and 17th of the month. Petrol, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetable prices are collected weekly. We collected quarterly postal survey prices at 15 August.

Response rates


Target: 93 percent
Achieved: 95.1 percent

Field collection

Statistics NZ price collectors gather prices directly from retail outlets.

Sample size

We collected about 100,000 prices from about 2,800 retail outlets and 2,300 other businesses and landlords.

Vehicle relicensing fees

On 1 July 2015 vehicle relicensing fees changed, as a result of changes to the way ACC calculates levies for light vehicles. Levies are now based on how well a vehicle protects its passengers and others on the road if it’s involved in a crash. Vehicle relicensing fees represented just under three-fifths of the weight of the ‘other private transport services’ class at the June 2014 quarter.

To incorporate the lower vehicle relicensing fees into the CPI, we have used information on the number of private passenger cars/vans that registered to each of the new ACC levy bands over the September 2015 quarter. The New Zealand Transport Agency provided this information. The resulting calculation takes into account the relative importance of each of the levy tiers for petrol and non-petrol vehicles.

Correction to health group applied in September 2016 quarter

When compiling September 2016 quarter data for pharmaceutical products, within the health group, we found a processing error in the June 2016 quarter data. We have applied a correction in the September 2016 quarter by returning the affected series to the correct index level. We have not revised the June 2016 quarter, as the error had minimal impact on the health group.

The affected series are :

  • pharmaceutical products
  • medical products, appliances, and equipment
  • health.

The headline ‘All groups CPI’ is unaffected by the error or correction. The index numbers are unchanged and the movement is unchanged at two decimal places.

More information

Consumers Price Index – DataInfo+
General methodology and related metadata about the consumers price index.

Principles and protocols for producers of Tier 1 statistics 
Statistics in this release have been produced in accordance with the Official Statistics System principles and protocols for producers of Tier 1 statistics for quality. They conform to the Statistics NZ Methodological Standard for Reporting of Data Quality.

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