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Consumers Price Index: September 2017 quarter
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  17 October 2017
Key facts

Quarterly change

In the September 2017 quarter compared with the June 2017 quarter, the consumers price index (CPI) rose 0.5 percent (up 0.3 percent with seasonal adjustment).

  • Food prices rose 1.1 percent, influenced by higher prices for vegetables (up 6.2 percent).
  • Housing and household utilities rose 1.0 percent, influenced by local authority rates (up 3.5 percent), rentals for housing (up 0.6 percent), and purchase of new housing (up 1.1 percent).
  • Transport prices fell 1.1 percent, with cheaper petrol prices (down 1.7 percent), and international airfares (down 5.5 percent).

Annual change

From the September 2016 quarter to the September 2017 quarter, the CPI inflation rate was 1.9 percent.

  • Housing and household utilities increased 3.0 percent, with purchase of new housing up 5.4 percent, and rentals for housing up 2.2 percent.
  • Food prices increased 2.8 percent, with vegetables up 9.0 percent.
  • Communication prices decreased 5.3 percent, with telecommunications services down 4.5 percent and equipment down 22 percent.

Average prices

  • The average price of 1 litre of 91 octane petrol was $1.83 in the September 2017 quarter, down from $1.86 in the June 2017 quarter, and up from $1.75 in the September 2016 quarter.

Consumers price index – animation and infographic has more about how the CPI works.

The CPI measures the rate of price change of goods and services purchased by New Zealand households. Stats NZ visits 2,800 shops around New Zealand to collect prices for the CPI and check product sizes and features.

Liz MacPherson, Government Statistician
ISSN 1178-0452
17 October 2017

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