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More gross domestic product statistics

This page continues from the Gross domestic product page, which has more recent information.

Reports and articles

Explore information we've gathered from research or analysis.

Historical GDP time series on Infoshare (published 2014)
The next GDP release on 18 December 2014 will include new international standards (System of National Accounts 2008) and an updated base year (2010).

Improvements to gross domestic product in December 2013 (published 2013)
This paper informs users about planned data changes to be included in GDP: September 2013 quarter. 

Measuring value added in the education and health industries (published 2013)
This paper presents new methods for estimating the value added of New Zealand’s education and health industries.

Financial intermediation services indirectly measured (FISIM) in the national accounts (published 2012)
FISIM is now included in our National Accounts (Income and Expenditure) and National Accounts (Industry Benchmarks) releases. This paper explains what FISIM is, how it will affect these releases, and what impact it will have on other economic statistics we will release in the future.

Impact of the Canterbury earthquakes on New Zealand's gross domestic product (published 2011)
Discusses the impact of the February 2011 Canterbury earthquakes and examines the adequacy of the normal indicators used to measure components of  GDP. 

Measuring the communications industry in gross domestic product (published 2010)
Explains how we measure economic activity in the communications industry, the indicators used, and developments under way.

Measuring capital stock in the New Zealand economy (published 2010)
Explains the concepts and methodology for developing the two measures of capital stock and the corresponding consumption of fixed capital.

Implementing ANZSIC 2006 in the national accounts (published 2009)
Details how Statistics NZ is implementing the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) 2006 into all industry-based statistics.

Quarterly gross domestic product: Sources and methods (published 2008)
Provides the sources and methods used for all quarterly GDP series produced by Statistics NZ, both in chain-volume measures and current prices.

Measuring saving in the national accounts (published 2007)
Outlines how saving is derived in the current national accounts and the relationships between national saving, sector saving, net wealth, investment, and the current account balance with the rest of the world.

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