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More national accounts reports and articles

This page continues from the National accounts page. For the most-recent information, please see the National accounts page.

Regional GDP feasibility study (published 2013)
Background to the regional GDP feasibility study of 2005, with details of the methodology and results from the study.

Measuring capital stock in the New Zealand economy (published 2013)
Explains the concepts and methodology for developing the two measures of capital stock, and the corresponding consumption of fixed capital.

Accounting for the economic effects of the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes in New Zealand's national accounts (published 2012)
Find out how we accounted for the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes in the national accounts statistics.

Financial intermediation services indirectly measured (FISIM) in the national accounts (published 2012)
Find out what FISIM is, how it affects the national accounts’ information releases, and the impact FISIM will have on other economic statistics in the future.

Changes to the content and titles of the annual national accounts releases (published 2012)
Read about  two releases, National Accounts (Income and Expenditure) and National Accounts (Industry Benchmarks), which replaced the National Accounts and Institutional Sector Accounts information releases in 2012.

Revised treatment of the Canterbury earthquakes' impact on overseas investment income(published 2012)
Information on how we revised the treatment of the exceptional insurance and reinsurance claims from the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes.

Improving New Zealand's macroeconomic statistics: Changes up to December 2012 (published 2012)
Information for users of macroeconomic statistics about data changes to be included in the international and national accounts in 2012.

What New Zealand actually does for a living: From manufacturing to a services-oriented economy (published 2012)
Article tracking the contribution of different industries to GDP since 1972. It identifies a major shift in the structure of our economy – with business services steadily replacing manufacturing and agriculture.

Implementing ANZSIC 2006 in national accounts and productivity statistics (published 2011)
Updates the changes to national accounts and productivity statistics as ANZSIC06, a new industrial classification, is introduced.

Improvements to annual national accounts (published 2010)
Information about improvements in the annual national accounts, which are part of our ongoing programme to review and update the methodology and data sources. 

Implementing ANZSIC 2006 in the national accounts (published 2009)
Details about how we are implementing the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) 2006 into all industry-based statistics. 

Measuring Saving in the National Accounts (published 2007)
Outline of how we derive saving in the current national accounts, and the relationships between national saving, sector saving, net wealth, investment, and the current account balance with the rest of the world.

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