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Regional GDP feasibility study

This page contains background to the regional GDP feasibility study, with details of the methodology and results from the study.

Background to regional GDP feasibility study

In 2006, Statistics NZ completed a feasibility study of producing regional gross domestic product (GDP) by industry. The objectives were to determine the feasibility of producing regional GDP series on an on-going basis, and whether regional GDP could be produced to an acceptable standard using existing data sources, or whether new data collections were required.

The key finding of the regional GDP feasibility study was that available data and methods make it feasible to produce estimates of regional GDP. Estimates can be produced using existing data sources and applying internationally recognised methods.

The feasibility study involved developing data and methodologies that could be tested via the compilation of an experimental series. This series developed estimates of current price annual regional GDP for 2000–03 (March years). These estimates are considered to be of acceptable quality at the regional level but have not necessarily been subject to detailed analysis at the region by industry level.

To read the reports described below, download or print from 'Available files' above. If you have problems viewing the files, see Opening files and PDFs.

Concepts, sources, and methods

Regional GDP Concepts, Sources and Methods (published April 2007) explains the specific concepts, classifications, and methodologies used in the production of the experimental regional GDP series for 2000–03. The 2007–10 estimates of regional GDP will also follow the same concepts. sources and methods.

This report outlines the general concepts, industry and regional classifications, the overarching methodology used that aligns with the internationally preferred approach to producing regional GDP, specific compilation issues encountered and how these were overcome, and a summary of the methodology by specific industry. Minor changes to concepts, sources, and methods made in the production of the 2007–10 regional GDP estimates may be updated in future.

Findings from the feasibility study

Research Report on Regional Gross Domestic Product (published December 2006) contains findings on the feasibility of regional GDP.

Regional GDP estimates, 2000–03

Regional GDP Estimates, by industry, 2000–03 confirmed that on-going regional GDP series can be produced if required.  The regional estimates were consistent with national GDP at the time of publication.

Regional GDP workshop

Regional GDP workshop was presented at the  regional GDP workshop, held 6 October 2005  The objectives of the workshop were to share with stakeholders the scope of the project, progress at that point on data evaluation and methodology, and the future direction of the project.

Page updated 7 May 2013

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