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Food prices up 2.1 percent in June and 0.6 percent for the year
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  11 July 2013

Food Price Index: June 2013  –  Media Release

Food prices rose 2.1 percent in June 2013, Statistics New Zealand said today. This rise compares with 1.4 percent increases for both the June 2012 and June 2011 months.

In June 2013, fruit and vegetable prices rose 13 percent compared with 9 percent in June last year.

“Fruit and veg prices rose in June, reflecting seasonally higher prices for tomatoes, lettuce, and avocados,” prices manager Chris Pike said. “Lettuce and avocado prices also showed increases for the year, but tomatoes were cheaper than in June last year.”

Vegetable prices in June 2013 were influenced by tomatoes (up 99 percent) and lettuce (up 55 percent). Fruit prices were influenced by rises for avocados (up 33 percent) and nectarines (up 64 percent). Nectarine prices usually rise when the first imported stock arrives in winter, as their prices are compared with prices for the March end-of-season locally produced stock.

Meat, poultry, and fish prices rose 1.3 percent in the month, influenced by higher prices for chicken pieces (up 12 percent, due to less discounting). Lower prices were recorded for lamb chops (down 7.7 percent, due to more discounting).

Annual change in prices

For the year to June 2013, the food price index (FPI) increased 0.6 percent.

Fruit and vegetable prices (up 4.9 percent) made the main upward contribution for the year. Lettuce prices increased 45 percent, the largest annual increase since July 2011. Avocados (up 60 percent) also influenced the increase in the year to June 2013. Avocado prices were at their highest level for eight years. Tomato prices were down 12 percent for the year, despite nearly doubling in price in the June 2013 month. The average tomato price (per kg) was $8.97 in June 2013, compared with $10.17 in June 2012.

Non-alcoholic beverage prices (up 2.1 percent) also increased, influenced by soft drinks (up 2.2 percent).

These increases were offset by price decreases for grocery food (down 1.5 percent), influenced by cheese (down 8.6 percent) and chocolate (down 6.5 percent).


For media enquiries contact: Authorised by:

Chris Pike
Wellington 04 931 4600

Published 11 July 2013

Dallas Welch
Acting Government Statistician
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