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Productivity Statistics: 1978–2014
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  30 June 2015

Updates in data sources and ongoing methodology improvements led us to making revisions to the previously published productivity series.

Please refer to tables 1.07, 1.08, 2.07, and 2.08 in the downloadable Excel spreadsheets for the magnitude and direction of these revisions.

Regular revisions (due to updates in data sources) arose from the following:

  • revised constant-price GDP data, feeding into the output series
  • revised current-price national accounts data, feeding into the industry income-based weights
  • revised current- and constant-price productive capital stock data, feeding into the capital input series
  • revised labour data, feeding into the labour volume series
  • adding linked employer-employee data, to replace survey-based data for working-proprietor counts for the March 2013 year, and employee counts for the March 2013 quarter, feeding into the labour input series.

Additional revisions in the 2015 release affect the labour input and labour volume time series:

  • corrected industry classification for the linked employer-employee data
  • corrected industry classification for the quarterly employment survey
  • rebase of the household labour force survey to the 2013 Census

Additional revision in the 2015 release affects the capital input series and output:

  • introducing international standards of 2008SNA
  • rebase of the chain volume GDP series to 2009/10 prices, previously expressed in 1995/96 prices

Follow-on effects:

  • Nominal unit labour costs (ULC) is directly affected by the levels in the chain volume GDP estimates and shows also as a level shift in nominal ULC. Movements are similar to previous published series.
  • Real ULC show some revision, due to revised current price GDP from updated international standards and revision to the labour inputs.

 Revisions to the measured sector's productivity.


Revisions to the measured sector's inputs and output.




Due to the amount of provisional data used in productivity calculation for the most recent years, data for the last two years of the series are provisional.

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