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Industry Productivity Statistics 1978–2008

There has been growing interest in gaining a better understanding of New Zealand’s productivity performance, both within industries and relative to other countries, notably Australia. Productivity growth is critical to long-term growth in material living standards. In line with this growing interest, Statistics New Zealand received funding in 2006 to enhance and develop official estimates of labour, capital, and multifactor productivity. These were first published in March 2006 for the ‘measured sector’, an aggregation of industries which now covers 74 percent of the economy.

Industry Productivity Statistics 1978–2008 takes the measured sector data and breaks it down into 23 industries. For all but three of those, the estimates extend back 30 years. It is a major step forward in determining New Zealand’s productivity performance from 1978.

The estimates in this publication are consistent with international best-practice outlined in the OECD manual, Measuring Productivity: Measurement of Aggregate and Industry-level Productivity Growth (2001). In addition this report has benefited from the advice received from the external advisory committee for the project. I am particularly grateful for the review of the estimates undertaken by Simon McLoughlin, and wish to thank the other members of the advisory committee – John Janssen, Viv Hall, Adolf Stroombergen, and Philip Stevens – for their assistance.

Statistics NZ plans to publish updated productivity estimates by industry on an annual basis, in conjunction with the March release of measured sector data.

For more information about what is included in each chapter of the publication please see the outline of Industry Productivity Statistics: 1978–2008 page.

Geoff Bascand
Government Statistician

Reproduction of material
Material in this report may be reproduced and published, provided that it does not purport to be published under government authority and that acknowledgement is made of this source.

Statistics New Zealand (2010). Industry Productivity Statistics 1978–2008.
Wellington: Statistics New Zealand

Published in June 2010 by
Statistics New Zealand
Tatauranga Aotearoa
Wellington, New Zealand
ISBN 978-0-478-35346-4 (online)

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