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Business demography data package

This data package comprises 12 tables of New Zealand business demography data, in the form of csv files. All tables provide counts of geographic units (business locations) and employee counts. The tables are available at a variety of geographic area and industry classification levels.

The industry data are classified by the ANZSIC06 industry codes (available at 1, 3, and 6-digit industry classification). The data package is available annually from 2000, at a range of geographical levels. The meshblock level is the smallest area used to collect and present statistics.

See Geographic hierarchy for hierachy information.

The industry data are also available by geographic unit, employee count, and employee size groups at a regional, territorial authority, and area unit level as a customised order. These tables are based on the 2013 area boundaries.

See Geographic boundary files for more information.

Business demography metadata provides information on conditions of supply, data quality, definitions, and the metadata details for the 12 tables – download the zipped files from Available files for metadata and data.

The tables are:

Meshblock level

2017_T1-MB13-IND1-GU-EC: 1-digit ANZSIC06 industry level

2017_T2-MB13-IND3-GU-EC: 3-digit ANZSIC06 industry level

2017_T3-MB13-IND6-GU-EC: 6-digit ANZSIC06 industry level

Territorial authority level

2017_T4-TA13-IND1-GU-EC: 1-digit ANZSIC06 industry level

2017_T5-TA13-IND3-GU-EC: 3-digit ANZSIC06 industry level

2017_T6-TA13-IND6-GU-EC: 6-digit ANZSIC06 industry level

National level

2017_T7-IND1-GU-EC: 1-digit ANZSIC06 industry level

2017_T8-IND3-GU-EC: 3-digit ANZSIC06 industry level

2017_T9-IND6-GU-EC: 6-digit ANZSIC06 industry level

Geographic levels

2017_T10-MB13-GU-EC: Geographic unit/employee count at meshblock level

2017_T11-AU13-GU-EC: Geographic unit/employee count at area unit level

2017_T12-TA-Ind1-Size-GUEC: Geographic unit/employee count by 1-digit industry by employee size group at territorial authority level

2017_ BD Metadata: Metadata file for all tables


Employees or employee count (EC): refers to paid employees. It is a head count of salary and wage earners sourced from taxation data. EC data is available on a monthly basis. The EC used for deriving business demography statistics is for the February month.

Employee count size groups: EC data is summarised into seven employment size groups:
0 EC
1–5 EC
6–9 EC
10–19 EC
20–49 EC
50–99 EC
100+ EC.

Geographic unit or business location: geographic unit is a separate operating unit engaged in New Zealand in one, or predominantly one, kind of economic activity from a single physical location or base.

Updated 31 May 2018

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