Atmosphere and climate domain updates

This page lists changes to the atmosphere and climate domain indicators.


13 September 2018

National temperature time series

Issue: Temperature data for figure 1 (graph) given only to 1 decimal place.
Revision: Temperature data for figure 1 given to 2 decimal places.
Reason for change: Rounding incorrectly applied during production.


30 January 2018

Ozone hole (archived)

Issue: Figure 2 (graph) did not display data gap
Revision: Figure 2 now correctly displays data gap at year 1995
Reason for change: Incorrect display of graph data


Annual and seasonal rainfall, Annual glacier ice volumes, Frost and warm days, and Global greenhouse gas emissions

Issue: Measure rating was incorrectly specified in the ‘Relevance’ text box located under the ‘Data quality’ section for each webpage.
Revision: Measure ratings correctly specified for each webpage.
Reason for change: Incorrect text displayed.


19 October 2017

In line with Our atmosphere and climate 2017 published today, we released two new indicators, updated data for 25 (including two for the marine domain), did not update data for three and discontinued two. See Indicators for Our atmosphere and climate 2017 for more information.

We also updated the topics to reflect the Environmental Reporting (topics for Environmental Reports) Regulations 2016 which came into force in June 2016.

Select a link below to view an indicator.

New indicators

Updated indicators

Indicators not updated

We did not update the data for these indicators. However, we did update the topics against which they were assessed to reflect the Environmental Reporting (topics for Environmental Reports) Regulations 2016, which came into force in June 2016.

Discontinued indicators

  • Occurrence of potentially damaging wind (replaced by extreme wind)
  • Annual maximum three-day rainfall (replaced by rainfall intensity)


27 January 2017

Issue: Coordinates for lightning ground strikes from The New Zealand Lightning Detection Network (NZLDN) were not available on the Data service.
Revision: This information is now available, see Lightning data.
Reason for change: NZLDN is owned by Transpower and operated by MetService – both have authorised release of the dataset.


21 September 2017

New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions

Issue: Incorrect label on graph interactive component 'Kilotonne CO2 equivalent'.
Revision: Interactive component revised to: 'Megatonnes CO2 equivalent'.
Reason for change: Incorrect units in interactive component label.


26 July 2016

Global greenhouse gas emissions
Issue: Incorrect label on graph Y axis ‘Gigagrams CO2 equivalent'.
Revision: Y axis label revised to: ‘Gigagrams CO2 equivalent (million)'.
Reason for change: Incorrect units in label.


Updated 30 January 2018

Image, Atmosphere and climate domain.
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