Occurrence of oil and gas and minerals extraction

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    The surveying, exploration, production, and decommissioning of offshore oil and gas and minerals can affect marine environments. Extraction processes, ship strikes, collisions with structures, disorientation from lights, and acoustic surveying can affect marine species and habitats. Vessels and structures brought to New Zealand from overseas can also introduce exotic species. Reporting on the location of permits and proposed extractions helps us prepare for potential effects.

    We classified Occurrence of oil and gas and minerals extraction as supporting information.

    Key findings

    Petroleum extraction and associated activities have been carried out in New Zealand since the 1970s. Mineral extraction is at an earlier stage of development.

    • Oil and gas extraction occurs mainly in the Taranaki region.
    • At September 2012, a total of 197 offshore wells had been drilled in New Zealand waters, 176 of them in the Taranaki region (Petroleum Exploration and Production Association New Zealand, nd).
    • In 2014, there were five offshore production fields in the Taranaki region (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, 2014).
    • Although no minerals were being extracted from New Zealand waters in 2015, potential sites were being surveyed and explored.

    Figure 1

    Permits and block offers for oil and gas and minerals, 2014–15

    Map, Permits and block offers for oil and gas and minerals, 2014–15.

    Note: A block offer is an annual government-run tender process where industry can bid for petroleum exploration rights in areas on shore and off shore that are open to exploration in New Zealand’s territorial sea and EEZ. EEZ – exclusive economic zone; NAA – newly available acreage.

    Figure 2

    Permits and block offers for oil and gas, and minerals permits, 2014–15 – interactive map

    Definition and methodology

    Petroleum and mineral extraction includes all stages of the extraction cycle: prospecting, exploration, production, and decommissioning.

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    Archived pages

    See Occurrence of oil and gas and minerals extraction (archived October 2016).

    Updated 27 October 2016

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