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Summary of Injury Datasets

Statistics New Zealand's summary of injury datasets provides an overview of information collected about injuries in New Zealand that is held in databases produced by different agencies.

A number of government and non-government agencies collect data about injuries. While some agencies collect only injury data, others collect a range of health information, and injuries are only one component of it. These pages list the injury data currently produced by the agencies. They describe the context, how each agency compiles the data, and how to access their publicly-available data and reports.

Some of the information draws on the following report, published in 2005 by the National Occupational Health and Safety Committee:
Health Outcomes International Pty Ltd (2005). Methods and systems used to measure and monitor occupational disease and injury in New Zealand: NOHSAC technical report 2. Wellington.

A number of agencies refer to the use of ‘ICD coding’ to classify injuries. ICD coding refers to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. The latest edition most commonly used is the Tenth Revision, Australian Modification (ICD-10-AM), 6th Edition.

The agencies and their data collections are:

Accident Compensation Corporation : Claims management system

Ministry of Transport : Crash analysis system

Ministry of Health :

  • Mortality collection
  • Alcohol and drug use survey
  • PHIOnline
  • National minimum dataset

Civil Aviation Authority : Aviation safety monitoring system

National Poisons Centre : Call database

Water Safety New Zealand : Drownbase

Institute of Environmental Science and Research : Chemical injury surveillance system

New Zealand Mountain Safety Council :

  • National incident database
  • Outdoor education and recreation
  • Snow sports
  • Avalanche incident data

Coronial Services Unit :  Coronial information system

Injury data is also collected by the Department of Labour and Maritime New Zealand. Information about these datasets will be published on this website at a later date.

Read more about sources of work-related injury data.

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