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Quarterly Employment Survey: June 2014 quarter
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  06 August 2014

About the Quarterly Employment Survey

The Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) estimates the demand for labour by New Zealand businesses. From the survey responses, we estimate the levels and changes in employment, total weekly gross earnings, total weekly paid hours, average hourly and average weekly earnings, and average weekly paid hours in the industries we survey.

QES estimates the number of jobs filled, not the number of people employed. This means a person with multiple jobs during the reference week could be counted multiple times.

Data from QES about the total paid hours is used in compiling gross domestic product – economic activity for selected industries. QES average earnings statistics are used in calculating superannuation and paid parental leave.

More definitions

Business Register: the list of all economically significant businesses in New Zealand, which is maintained by Statistics NZ.

Enterprise: a business or service entity operating in New Zealand.

Filled jobs: the total number of full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and working proprietors.

Full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs: the total number of full-time jobs plus half the number of part-time jobs. Does not include working proprietors.

Full-time jobs: jobs where the employee works for 30 hours or more per week.

Industry: determined from the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) 2006. Businesses in QES are classified using ANZSIC06 industries.

Part-time jobs: jobs where the employee works for less than 30 hours per week.

Working proprietors: includes sole proprietors, partners, or shareholders in a limited liability company who actively engage in the business or its management. Please note that working proprietors in businesses with no employees are outside the scope of the QES and are not included in the estimate of filled jobs.

See ANZSIC 2006 – industry classification for more information about ANZSIC06 and its implementation into the QES and other Statistics NZ collections.

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