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Services sector switched on to energy use
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  13 October 2011

Energy Use Survey: Services sector 2010  –  Media Release

The total energy used by the services sector in New Zealand during 2010 was almost 64 petajoules (PJ), Statistics New Zealand said today. This is about the same as the total amount used inside New Zealand homes each year.

Electricity accounted for about half the total energy the services sector used. Petrol accounted for one-fifth of total energy used by the services sector.

"Energy use in the services sector is similar to our household use, using electricity for lighting, electronics, and heating, and mainly petrol for driving," energy statistics manager Jean Watt said.

Over half the services sector organisations surveyed were currently attempting to reduce their energy use. Half of the sector could also see possibilities for further energy saving.

Some industries were very active in managing their energy use. About 90 percent of public administration and safety organisations had energy-saving initiatives in place. While in the accommodation and food services industry:

  • 60 percent monitored their use or the cost of energy
  • 50 percent provided information on energy savings to staff
  • 50 percent had installed energy-saving technologies.

The industries with lower rates of energy management or savings possibilities were those dominated by small organisations.

This collection of data from the service sector completes Statistics NZ's programme of energy use by organisations. Adding results from the three survey years estimates the New Zealand economy's energy use (excluding households) at 393 PJ annually. The energy used by each of the three sectors surveyed was:

  • primary sector (eg farming or mining) in 2008 – 42 PJ
  • industrial and trade sector (eg manufacturing, retail, or transport) in 2009 – 287 PJ
  • services sector (eg accommodation and food, or education services) in 2010 – 64 PJ.


Geoff Bascand
Government Statistician
13 October 2011 


For media enquiries contact: 
Jean Watt 
Wellington 04 931 4600

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