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Tourism Satellite Account: 2009 provides a picture of the role tourism plays in New Zealand, with information on the changing levels and impact of tourism activity. It presents information on tourism’s contribution to the New Zealand economy in terms of expenditure and employment. Results cover provisional figures for the years ending March 2006–09 and an updated summary of the results for 2005.

Developed and published by Statistics New Zealand, the tourism satellite account is compiled under a United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) framework and funded by the Ministry of Tourism. It is one component of a core set of tourism data that provides base information for understanding and monitoring the changing levels and impact of tourism activity in New Zealand. Other elements of the core dataset include surveys of spending by international and domestic visitors, visitor arrival and accommodation statistics, and forecasts of tourist numbers and expenditure.

Readers of previous publications in this series will note a change in the levels of both direct and indirect tourism value added for all years. This is due to changes in the methodology relating to how tourism direct and indirect value added is derived. Tourism Satellite Account: 2009 is the first to incorporate these changes, which are recommended by the UNWTO and approved by the United Nations Statistical Commission.

The timeliness of Tourism Satellite Account: 2009 has been improved by the rescheduling of the release date to October to incorporate the latest March annual year. Provisional estimates are now produced for the years ending March 2006–09. This has led to the sequence of annual publications advancing from Tourism Satellite Account: 2007 to Tourism Satellite Account: 2009.

Geoff Bascand
Government Statistician



Reproduction of material
Material in this report may be reproduced and published, provided that it does not purport to be published under government authority and that acknowledgement is made of this source.

Statistics New Zealand (2009). Tourism satellite account: 2009.
Wellington: Statistics New Zealand

Published in October 2009 by
Statistics New Zealand
Tatauranga Aotearoa
Wellington, New Zealand
ISSN 1175-530X (print)
ISSN 1177-6226 (online)

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