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Appendix 4: Tourism industry concordance

Within the national accounting system, industries are defined as groups of producers that supply particular goods or services. The tourism industry is different. It is defined not by its goods or services, but by the particular group of consumers – tourists – who purchase its output. Tourism industry information is more aggregated in a provisional tourism satellite account than it is for a final tourism satellite account. This is shown in table 15.

Table 15

Tourism industry concordance 
Tourism industry category for provisional tourism satellite accounts  Tourism industry category for tourism satellite accounts  Tourism industry component  ANZSIC industry subdivision/group code  ANZSIC industry subdivision/group title 
Tourism-characteristic industries   Tourism-characteristic industries   Accommodation  H44  Accommodation
Food and beverage services(1)  H45  Food and beverage services(1) 
Road passenger transport  I46  Road transport 
Rail passenger transport  I47  Rail transport 
Water passenger transport  I48  Water transport 
Air passenger transport  I49  Air and space transport 
Other transport, transport support, and travel and tour services  I50  Other transport 
I52  Transport support services 
N722  Travel agency and tour arrangement services 
Rental and hiring services  L661  Motor vehicle and transport equipment rental and hiring 
Arts and recreation services  R89  Heritage activities 
R90  Creative and performing arts activities  
R91  Sports and recreation activities 
R92  Gambling activities 
All other industries  Tourism- related industries 
Retail trade  G39  Motor vehicle and motor parts retailing 
G40  Fuel retailing 
G41  Food retailing 
G42  Other store-based retailing 
G43  Non-store retailing and retail commission-based buying and/or selling 
Education and training  P80  Preschool and school education 
P81  Tertiary education 
P82  Adult, community and other education 
  All non-tourism-related industries   All other ANZSIC industries 

1. Before the Tourism Satellite Account: 2005, the food and beverage services industry was combined with the accommodation industry.

Note: ANZSIC – Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification

Source: Statistics New Zealand 

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