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Accommodation Survey: February 2013
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  11 April 2013

All guest night movements are seasonally adjusted unless otherwise stated.

Trend movements may be amended when future months are added to the series. 

Guest nights rise in February  

Guest nights spent in short-term commercial accommodation rose 2.3 percent in February 2013. This follows a fall of 4.1 percent in January 2013.

The national trend for guest nights has been rising since April 2012. This may change when data for future months is added to the series. 



Unadjusted national guest nights rose 1.5 percent in February 2013 when compared with February 2012. The Bay of Plenty had the most significant increase in guest nights, followed by Otago and Auckland.

South Island guest nights rise

South Island guest nights rose 3.7 percent in February 2013. This follows a 5.6 percent fall in January 2013.  

The trend for South Island guest nights has been flat for more than a year. This may change when data for future months is added to the series. 

Unadjusted guest nights rose 4.2 percent in the South Island in February 2013 when compared with February 2012. All regions in the South Island recorded a rise, with the largest movement seen in Otago. A few important sport events in Queenstown began in February, including the New Zealand XI vs England cricket match (27 February to 2 March) and the PGA Championship (28 February to 3 March).  



North Island guest nights rise

North Island guest nights rose 1.5 percent in February 2013. This follows a fall of 3.1 percent in January 2013.

The trend for North Island guest nights has been rising since May 2012. This may change when data for future months is added to the series.

Unadjusted guest nights fell 0.3 percent in the North Island in February 2013, when compared with February 2012. The only increases were seen in the Bay of Plenty and Auckland, and those were outweighed by falls in other regions in the North Island. Te Matatini, the national kapa haka festival, was held at Rotorua International Stadium in the Bay of Plenty region, which attracted thousands of participants and spectators. There were also a few other events hosted in the same region in February, including the Raggamuffin music festival and the Australasia IPSC Handgun Championships.

Domestic guest nights rise

Domestic guest nights rose 2.0 percent in February 2013. This follows a 4.0 percent fall in January 2013.

The trend for domestic guest nights has been generally flat for more than a year. This may change when data for future months is added to the series.

Unadjusted domestic guest nights fell 4.0 percent in February 2013 when compared with February 2012. The largest decreases were seen in Canterbury, Taranaki/Manawatu-Wanganui, and Hawke's Bay/Gisborne.   




International guest nights rise

International guest nights rose 3.0 percent in February 2013. This follows a fall of 4.9 percent in January 2013.

The trend for international guest nights has been rising since March 2012. 

Unadjusted international guest nights rose 8.3 percent in February 2013 compared with February 2012. The largest increase was seen in Canterbury, followed by Auckland and Otago.



Guest nights rise for all accommodation types

Guest night changes by accommodation type for February 2013 compared with January 2013 were:

  • backpacker accommodation guest nights rose 2.9 percent
  • holiday park guest nights rose 2.7 percent
  • motel guest nights rose 1.9 percent
  • hotel guest nights rose 0.8 percent.

The trend for guest nights spent in hotel accommodation has been rising since January 2012.



The trend for guest nights spent in backpacker accommodation has been rising since July 2012. 



Accommodation capacity down

Available capacity in short-term accommodation was 3.9 million stay-unit nights in February 2013. This was down 4.0 percent from February 2012.

The capacity changes for February 2013 compared with February 2012 were:

  • holiday parks decreased 6.4 percent  
  • motels decreased 3.7 percent
  • hotels decreased 3.4 percent
  • backpacker accommodation increased 0.2 percent.

Occupancy rate up

The occupancy rate, excluding holiday parks, was up 1.4 percentage points (to 63.5 percent) in February 2013 compared with February 2012. 

The occupancy rate changes for February 2013 compared with February 2012 were:

  • hotels increased 3.4 percentage points
  • motels increased 2.1 percentage points
  • holiday parks increased 1.0 percentage points 
  • backpacker accommodation decreased 1.6 percentage points.   



For more detailed data from the Accommodation Survey, see the Excel tables in the 'Downloads' box.

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