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Agriculture references page

Related surveys

Business and employment

Imports and exports

  • Overseas merchandise trade statistics contain the value of merchandise exports, including agricultural. horticultural, and timber exports.
  • Overseas trade indexes has merchandise export price indexes for fruit, meat, and dairy products. Some import price index figures are also available from this survey.
  • Global New Zealand contains statistics on New Zealand's principal export markets and largest export earners that are relevant to agriculture.  

Population distribution and characteristics

  • Estimates and projections provides information on the size and composition of rural populations.
  • Census contains regional information on population size and composition. It also includes the number of farmers by industry.

Contribution of agriculture to the economy

Agricultural commodity prices

Environment and energy

  • The Environment domain plan provides an overview of environmental statistics and establishes the future direction for these statistics. This domain plan contains a stocktake of data that is currently available.  
  • The Measuring New Zealand's Progress Using a Sustainable Development Approach (2008) report contains agricultural land use statistics and covers area of land used for farming, soil health, nitrogen, and phosphorus in soil, contaminated soil sites, and hill country erosion.
  • Energy Use Survey - Primary Industries 2008 contains information on energy use within the primary industries.
  • Water (linking to Water Physical Stock Account releases) provides information on the amount of water used for livestock drinking-water and dairy shed requirements.

Agricultural research

  • Sometimes bioscience activities occur in agriculture feedstock and chemicals and horticulture. Statistics relating to these aspects of agriculture can be found in the Bioscience Survey.

Information and communication technology

Additional data

  • Additional data can be found on the website under: 
    Infoshare – Economic Indicators (National Accounts, Producers Price Index), Imports and exports, Industry sectors (Agriculture) 
    Table Builder – under agriculture statistics.

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