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Farm Expenses Price Index – tables

Note: We discontinued this release in May 2015 and replaced it with Business Price Indexes.

The farm expenses price index (FEPI) tables provide information on changes in input costs for the New Zealand farming industry.

Latest release

See Producers Price Index (PPI) information release for the latest FEPI tables, which contain data for the farm types listed below.

Four farm types that align with the New Zealand Standard Industrial Output Categories (NZSIOC):

  • sheep, beef, and grain farms (from the December 2013 quarter)
  • dairy cattle farms 
  • horticultural and fruit growing farms
  • poultry, deer, and other livestock farms (from the December 2013 quarter).

Two additional farm types:

  • sheep and beef farms
  • cropping and other farming.

For each farm type we publish indexes for specific categories of farm expenditure.

The categories for the all farms indexes are:

  • administration
  • animal health and breeding
  • dairy shed expenses 
  • electricity 
  • grazing, cultivation, harvest, and purchase of animal feed
  • fertiliser
  • lime
  • seeds
  • freight 
  • fuel 
  • insurance premiums 
  • rent and hire 
  • repairs, maintenance, and motor vehicle repairs 
  • packaging costs
  • shearing
  • weed and pest control 
  • miscellaneous
  • subtotal excluding livestock (excludes livestock, interest rates, wages and salaries, and local and central government rates and fees)
  • subtotal including livestock (excludes interest rates, wages and salaries, and local and central government rates and fees)
  • livestock purchases
  • local and central government rates and fees
  • interest rates
  • wages and salaries
  • all inputs excluding livestock
  • all inputs including livestock.

See Capital Goods Price Index for price indexes of capital expenditure, as capital expenditure and depreciation are not in scope of FEPI.

Classifications and input weights

Download 'Farm expenses price index – classification 2014' and 'Farm expenses price index input weights 2014' from 'Available files' above. We corrected some subtotals in the weights file on 27 May 2015. If you have problems viewing the files, see Opening files and PDFs.

Changes from March 2014 quarter

From 19 May 2014, we made all FEPI indexes available each quarter, published along with the PPI information releases. We also implemented the following changes to the indexes.

We separated some input categories at the request of our users.

  • Fertiliser, lime, and seeds has been split into three separate indexes.
  • In dairy cattle farms, animal health and breeding has been split into two separate categories.
  • In dairy cattle farms, feed, grazing, cultivation, and harvesting has been split into two categories – stock grazing; and cultivation, harvest, and purchase of animal feed.

We updated the series reference numbers, using the following codes:

  • All farms – SEH
  • Sheep, beef, and grain farms – SEB
  • Dairy cattle farms – SEC
  • Horticultural and fruit growing farms – SEA
  • Poultry deer and other livestock farms – SED
  • Sheep and beef farms – SEE
  • Cropping and other farming – SEF.

We updated the series reference numbers for the following input types:

  • Administration – 01
  • Animal health – 02
  • Breeding – 03
  • Animal health and breeding – 04
  • Dairy shed expenses –05
  • Electricity – 06
  • Cultivation, harvest, and purchase of animal feed – 07
  • Stock grazing – 08
  • Grazing, cultivation, harvest, and purchase of animal feed – 09
  • Fertiliser –10
  • Lime –11
  • Seeds –12
  • Fertiliser, lime, and seeds – 13
  • Freight –14
  • Fuel –15
  • Insurance premiums – 16
  • Rent and hire –17
  • Repairs, maintenance, and motor vehicle repairs –18
  • Packaging costs – 19
  • Shearing – 20
  • Weed and pest control – 21
  • Miscellaneous – 22
  • Subtotal excluding livestock – 29
  • Livestock purchases –31
  • Subtotal including livestock – 39
  • Local and central government rates and fees – 41
  • Interest rates – 42
  • Wages and salaries – 43
  • All inputs excluding livestock – 49
  • All inputs including livestock – 99.

 So, for example, the new series number for all farms, administration is SEH01.

Review of the FEPI

The changes implemented from 19 May 2014 resulted from our rolling review of the business price indexes. This process included:

  • reviewing the farm types and input type breakdowns we produce
  • updating the expenditure weights used to aggregate prices
  • reviewing the products we collect prices for.

We consulted many different organisations, including Dairy New Zealand, Beef + Lamb New Zealand, and Federated Farmers of New Zealand.

We investigated a wide range of data sources, including data available within Statistics NZ. We collected data from over 20 industry organisations, and sent surveys to farms where no other data sources were available.

We implemented this review in the March 2014 quarter.

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Source: Commodity Price Survey
Frequency: Quarterly
Available from: June 1998
Geographic coverage: National

Previous releases

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Time series

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Subject category: Industry sectors
Group: Farm Inputs (then 'Farm Expenses Price Index')

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