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Energy use information for industrial and trade sectors
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  15 December 2010

Energy Use Survey: Industrial and trade sectors 2009 (Revised 15 December 2010)  –  Media Release

Statistics New Zealand has revised the Energy Use Survey: 2009 released on 15 October 2010.

User interest in the previously released data prompted further investigation with businesses in some sectors, resulting in revised energy use statistics. The updated figures include total energy use and the following fuel types: electricity, natural gas, petrol, diesel, other petroleum fuels, and other fuels. No revisions were made to the energy management information.

The total energy used by the industrial and trade sectors in 2009 was 287,000 terajoules, Statistics New Zealand said today. "That would make it roughly equivalent to the total energy that would be used if every person in the country kept a light bulb on for 23 years straight,” energy statistics manager Gary Dunnet said.

The industrial and trade sectors and their energy usage are broken down as follows:

  • manufacturing, 167,000 terajoules
  • transport, postal, and warehousing, 65,000 terajoules
  • construction, 21,000 terajoules
  • electricity, gas, water, and waste services, 15,000 terajoules
  • retail trade, 10,000 terajoules
  • wholesale trade, 9,000 terajoules.
Over half of the businesses surveyed reported that they were monitoring energy use or costs as an energy saving initiative. The next most common initiative was installing or upgrading energy saving technologies.

These results are from the second Energy Use Survey, which surveyed businesses in the industrial and trade sectors in 2009. The survey was carried out by Statistics NZ in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority. Results for the primary sector, surveyed in 2008, are available from the Statistics NZ website,
Cathryn Ashley-Jones
Acting Government Statistician
15 December 2010 


For media enquiries contact: 
Hamish Hill 
Wellington 04 931 4600

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