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Digital technology

Digital technology is becoming more important in the screen industry and is of interest to policy makers. One potential benefit for businesses is that digital technology enables work to be sent electronically. The Screen Industry Survey 2007/08 asked a number of questions used to measure New Zealand’s adoption of digital technology in the screen industry.

Information is for the 2008 financial year, and for the 2008 financial year compared with the 2007 financial year unless otherwise stated.

Screen production companies 

  • The number of screen production companies using digital formats to record work increased from 375 in 2007 to 441 in 2008. 
  • The number of screen production companies using analogue formats to record work fell, from 177 to 153.

Businesses were asked to indicate the percentage of their work that was recorded using digital and other formats. 

  • Of businesses who indicated they used digital formats for recording, an average of 88 percent of their work was recorded using digital formats. 
  • Since this survey was first run in 2005, the percentage of work recorded using digital formats has risen, from an average of 74 percent in 2005.

Distribution, exhibition, and broadcasting sectors 

  • 126 distribution, exhibition, and broadcasting businesses used some form of digital technology in 2008 compared with 99 businesses in 2007. 
  • Fewer businesses (21) reported digital broadcasting activity in 2008 than in 2007 (36).

Before 2008, businesses with exhibition activity were asked to report only digital exhibition. From 2008 the questionnaire asked for information on digital exhibition and electronic exhibition separately. 

  • Overall, more businesses reported either digital or electronic exhibition in 2008 than reported digital exhibition in 2007.

 Digital Technology Use by Distribution, Exhibition, and Broadcasting Sectors

Digital post-production activity 

  • Nearly half of all businesses with post-production activity had revenue in digital graphics, animation or effects. 
  • The majority (71 percent) of contractors’ post-production revenue was attributable to digital graphics, animation or effects.

Areas of growth 

  • More than one-quarter (28 percent) of businesses indicated they were highly likely to increase their use of digital technology over the coming year. A further 31 percent of businesses indicated they were likely to increase use of digital technology.

Cost movements 

Businesses were asked to indicate whether they felt certain costs had increased or decreased over the financial year.

  • Around one-third of businesses felt that the cost of using digital technology had increased over the previous financial year.

See tables 12, 14, 23–24, 29–34, and 42–43 under Available files for more information on technology in the screen industry.

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