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Overseas Trade Indexes (Volumes): June 2012 quarter (provisional)
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  03 September 2012

About the overseas trade indexes (volumes)

The overseas trade indexes (volumes) releases compare the levels of goods that are imported and exported in adjacent periods. This gives an indication of how New Zealand's economy is performing.

The overseas trade indexes (volumes) release is published with the overseas trade indexes (prices) release.

More definitions

Broad economic categories (BEC): categories that, in general, align with the System of National Accounts' three basic classes – capital goods, intermediate goods, and consumption goods. Commodities in BEC are categorised by their main end use (eg all video recorders are treated as consumption goods even though some are used in business).

Capital goods: produced assets used repeatedly or continuously for longer than one year in industrial production processes (eg machinery, trucks, and aircraft).

Consumption goods: goods used (without further transformation in industrial production processes) by households, government, or non-profit institutions serving households. There are three types of consumption goods:

  • durables have an expected usage of three years or more (eg appliances, furniture)
  • semi-durables have an expected usage of one or two years (eg footwear, clothing, games, toys)
  • non-durables have an expected usage of less than a year (eg medicines, cosmetics, yarns, books).

cif: cost of goods, including insurance and freight to New Zealand.

fob: free on board (the value of goods at New Zealand ports before export).

Intermediate goods: goods used up or transformed in industrial production processes.

Merchandise trade: exports or imports of goods that increase or decrease the stock of material resources in New Zealand. Includes goods leased for a year or more.

Re-exports: exported goods that were earlier imported into New Zealand and that include less than 50 percent New Zealand content by value.

vfd: value for duty (the value of imports before insurance and freight costs are added).

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