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This report was prepared by the Social Statistics Division and published by the Information and Publishing Services Division of Statistics New Zealand.

Further information

For further information on the statistics in this report, or on other reports or products, contact our Information Centre.

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Information centre

Your gateway to Statistics New Zealand

Each year, we collect over 60 million pieces of information. New Zealanders tell us how and where they live; about their work, spending and recreation. We also collect a complete picture of business in New Zealand. This valuable resource is yours to use. But with all the sophisticated options available, finding exactly what you need can sometimes be a problem.

Giving you the answers

Our customer services staff provide the answer. They are the people who know what information is available, and how it can be used to your best advantage. Think of them as your guides to Statistics New Zealand. They operate a free enquiry service where answers can be quickly provided from published material. More extensive answers and customised solutions will incur costs, but we always give you a free no-obligation quote before going ahead.

Liability statement

Statistics New Zealand gives no warranty that the information or data supplied contains no errors. However, all care and diligence has been used in processing, analysing and extracting the information. Statistics New Zealand shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the customer consequent upon the use directly, or indirectly, of the information supplied in this product.

Reproduction of material

Any table or other material published in this report may be reproduced and published without further licence, provided that it does not purport to be published under government authority and that acknowledgement is made of this source.

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