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Well-being Statistics: 2016
Embargoed until 10:45am  –  20 July 2017
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Next releases

We will publish further releases from the 2016 NZGSS in 2017/18. They include new information about civic and cultural participation.

Time series: changes over NZ General Social Survey releases (short report) This report will focus on the content changes in the survey over the five NZGSS iterations from 2008 to 2016.

Political participation (short report) We’ll examine what New Zealanders’ interests are in politics, their understanding of how the New Zealand government, local and regional councils make decisions and how many people participate in political activities.

Volunteering and donations (short report) This report will focus on how many people engage in and what are the most common groups they volunteer for, the time spent volunteering, and the most common reasons for people not to volunteer. We’ll also look at how many people donate money and goods and the types of causes or organisations that people donate to.

Cultural participation and associated membership (short report) We’ll look at how many people have participated and how often they participated in a selected number of cultural activities, including sports and recreation and Māori cultural activities.

Well-being Statistics: 2018 will be released in 2019.

Past releases

See New Zealand General Social Survey for links to past releases.

Data quality

General information

See New Zealand General Social Survey – DataInfo+ for methodology; concepts, definitions, and classifications; data quality; and revisions.

New Zealand General Social Survey 2016 – data collection methodology – DataInfo+ details the methodology used for this release.

New Zealand General Social Survey: core concepts – DataInfo+ provides the definitions of terms used in this release.

Related information

See well-being for reports and articles that use previous NZGSS information.

See Rotating Survey Supplement for more information.

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