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Social networks and support

In the New Zealand General Social Survey 2014, we collected data from almost 9,000 people about their lives, their well-being, and how they felt they were doing. A large part of this collection focused on what people’s social networks and relationships looked like, and how people used them to get the support they needed.

Social support is important because it helps people cope with life’s stresses and deal with times of hardship and difficulty.

Strong social support can also benefit other aspects of individual and community well-being. Social networks have been linked with better health outcomes, standard of living, and social participation. They can also support positive views about diversity, identity, and civic and community systems.

What New Zealand’s social support networks look like and how they are used

Two's a crowd: Living alone in New Zealand (published 2016)
Explores the socio-economic characteristics and social well-being of New Zealanders who live alone.

How we interact with family and friends (published 2016)
Explores New Zealanders' social networks of family, friends, and neighbours.

Social networks help New Zealanders deal with change (published 2015)
Describes the major life changes people experienced during a 12-month period, and who they reached out to for support.

How good are our family relationships? (published 2015)
Tells us how we feel about our connections with our household and family members, and how strong we think our connections to them are.

How connected are we to our neighbours? (published 2015)
Reports on New Zealanders' connections with their neighbours, to gain a clearer picture of how neighbourhood support builds community.

How supportive are our families?  (published 2015)
Looks at family networks that support New Zealanders aged 15 years and older.

Who are our supportive friends? (published 2015)
Explores the relationships we have with friends who provide us with support and help.

How do we connect through club membership? (published 2015)
Provides information about the clubs and associations we belong to.

Updated 2 May 2016

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