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Snapshots of New Zealand

Links on this page give you an overview of information about New Zealand's population, environment, and economy. The statistics we've collected here give you a broad picture of life in New Zealand since 1893.

Get the headline numbers

Top statistics
Get a summary of the latest population, employment, and economic statistics.

Explore our yearbooks and historical publications

Image of yearbook and historical publications.

New Zealand Official Yearbook 2012
A statistical snapshot of life in New Zealand in 2012. View articles, infographics, and data on the economy, environment, people, and society. This is the most recent edition.

Digitised collections
Explore rare and historical print material, including yearbooks from 1893–2012, and census reports and results from 1871–1916.

Get an overview of New Zealand in English or Māori 

Image, NZIP banner.

New Zealand in Profile: 2015 (English)
View our latest annual overview of New Zealand's people, economy, and environment.

Te Āhua o Aotearoa: 2015 (Māori)
He tirohanga whānui o te iwi o Aotearoa, te ōhanga me te taiao.

View New Zealand in Profile editions from 2009–14

New Zealand in Profile is discontinued

From 2016, we’re no longer producing our New Zealand in Profile (NZIP) pamphlet. Read New Zealand in Profile is discontinued for other sources of overview information about New Zealand and its peoples.

Find statistics about Māori well-being and development

Image of Te Ao Mārama.

Te Ao Mārama 2016 (English)
An updated collection of our statistics about Māori well-being and development from a Māori perspective.

Te Ao Mārama 2016 (Māori)
Anei tētahi kohinga kōrero iti mō ā mātau tatauranga mō te iwi Māori e ai ki te tirohanga Māori.

View previous editions of Te Ao Mārama

View our infographics and data visualisations

Image of infographics and data visualisations.

Find all of our infographics. Since 2011, we have been using infographics to tell New Zealand's statistical stories.

Data visualisations
Use the data visualisations on this page to help you explore and understand our society, economy, and environment.

Get insights into New Zealand’s progress

Image of NZ progress indicators.

NZ progress indicators Tupuranga Aotearoa
Explore the latest edition of 16 key indicators that show how New Zealand’s economy, environment, and society are changing over time.

Measuring New Zealand’s progress using a sustainable development approach
View previous publications of 16 key indicators from 2009–11, a comprehensive report of 85 indicators, and our framework that defines the concept of sustainable development.

Explore the most recent data on key social statistics

Image of NZ social indicators.

New Zealand social indicators He kete tatauranga
Find a range of key social statistics from across New Zealand government in one place. Social statistics tell stories about aspects of people’s lives and their well-being. 

Find out about new developments

Integrated Data Infrastructure (in development)
Find out about the Integrated Data Infrastructure prototype and project. An integrated data infrastructure will allow us to:

  • combine data from different sources to produce richer information
  • answer a broader range of questions and provide new information.

Updated 29 January 2016

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