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Integrated Data Infrastructure

The Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) is a large research database containing microdata about people and households. Data is from a range of government agencies, Statistics NZ surveys including the 2013 Census, and non-government organisations. The IDI holds over 166 billion facts, taking up 1.22 terabytes of space – and is continually growing. Researchers use the IDI to answer complex questions to improve outcomes for New Zealanders.

Protecting your privacy

How we keep IDI and LBD data safe
Find out how we keep data safe and ensure privacy. Data in the IDI is only used for approved research projects that are in the public interest.

Integrated data helps New Zealanders

How researchers are using the IDI 
Find out how the IDI is used by researchers to answer research, policy, and evaluation questions across many subject areas. This research is used to better inform decision-makers to help solve complex issues that affect us all, such as crime and vulnerable children.  

View the video below to find out more about the IDI and how it is used.

How to use the IDI

How the IDI and LBD works
See an overview of the flow of data through the IDI, from supply through to data being available to researchers, and a brief explanation of how we link different datasets together.

Data in the IDI
See what data is available in the IDI for approved research projects. The IDI contains person-centred data from a range of government agencies, Statistics NZ surveys, and non-government organisations.

The illustration below gives an overview of data available in the IDI:

IDI diagram

Apply to use microdata for research
Find out how to apply for access to IDI data available through the Data Lab. To gain access, applicants must successfully prove their project is for bona fide research purposes that are in the public interest. We only give researchers access to data that is essential for their research project, and they can only access this data in secure Data Lab locations.

Resources for IDI and LBD users
Contains resources that IDI users may find helpful, including technical documents, coding resources, and information about collaboration spaces.

Longitudinal Business Database
Find out about the Longitudinal Business Database (LBD), a research database similar to the IDI, but with business data.

Updated 16 November 2017

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