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Request my information from the IDI

This page provides answers to questions about requesting information about yourself from the IDI.

Can I ask for my information from the IDI?

Yes. Under the Privacy Act 1993, you are entitled to see the information we hold about you in the IDI. See Stats NZ's Privacy and confidentiality guidelines for more information.

If you are interested in requesting your information from a specific dataset(s) and you are happy to provide us with some personal information to verify your identity, we can assess how retrievable the information is. To request specific information about you in the IDI, email us at

How much information is there about me in the IDI?

The IDI contains over 50 datasets, contained in over 300 tables, from a range of source agencies. If you’ve had any interaction with the agencies and programmes that provide data to the IDI, it is likely there is information about you in the IDI.

See Overview of data in the IDI for which datasets are currently in the IDI.

What is the process for retrieving my personal information from the IDI?

The IDI is designed to protect the privacy of the individuals it holds data about, so it is difficult to extract information about a specific individual. Identifying information such as names, full date of birth, and unique identifiers is kept separate to protect privacy. This means you cannot look up someone by name or other identifier.

To retrieve your information, we will need to refer to the raw data files sent to us by our source agencies. This is a manual process that will take some time. You will have to provide us with sufficient evidence and information about yourself so that we can be certain the information we provide is definitely yours.

  • If a dataset has a unique identifier, such as passport number, IRD number, student ID number, national student number, or social welfare number, you will have to provide this to us. We will also need other information, such as your full name, any aliases, date of birth, and current and previous residential addresses. (Note that this is not an exhaustive list. The information we’ll need from you will depend on the specific dataset you want us to look at).
  • For datasets that don’t have a unique identifier, we will need much more information to be able to confirm your identity. The information we will ask you to provide will depend on the content of the dataset.

Note: When we supply you with your information, it might be hard for you to interpret because the data we receive from source agencies is in raw form, meaning variable names and data contain agency-specific coded values, abbreviations, and notations.

What other options do I have for retrieving my personal information?

You can approach the source agency directly to request the data they have about you. We can help you get in touch with them if you don’t know how.

Most government agencies have guidelines on their websites for requesting the personal information they hold. For example, Current Data Access Policy (Ministry of Health), How do I request information about myself? (NZ Police), and Request my info tool (Office of the Privacy Commissioner).

Updated 7 June 2017
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