Labour productivity

The data in this indicator is no longer being updated.

Stats NZ is developing well-being indicators, Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand - Ngā Tūtohu Aotearoa, to track New Zealand’s progress. As the well-being indicators have similar aims to the NZ Progress Indicators and NZ Social Indicators, we are reviewing the future of these existing indicators.

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Why is this important for social statistics?

Labour productivity contributes to a nation’s long-term material standard of living.

Productivity is a measure of how efficiently inputs (capital and labour) are used in the economy to produce outputs (goods and services). A higher productivity rate means a nation can produce more, or can produce the same amount using less.

This indicator measures the ratio of economic output to labour input. Output is measured by gross domestic product (GDP).

Downloadable file:

Excel icon. Labour productivity – tables (Excel, 3 sheets, 25kb)

Includes breakdowns by year and by OECD country.

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