2012 Yearbook employment tables

A collection of tables in Excel format showing a snapshot of employment in 2012.
  • Image, map of New Zealand.

    Labour market

    excel icon. Employment tables (Excel, 17 sheets, 88kb)
    Includes work stoppages, people employed and unemployed, personal income group by sex, and household income.


    excel icon. Manufacturing tables (Excel, 6 sheets, 29kb)
    Includes regional employee numbers, contribution to gross domestic product, and economic activity.

    National economy

    excel icon. National economy tables (Excel, 22 sheets, 115kb)
    Includes retail prices of selected items, major components of balance of payments, gross domestic product, imports and exports of goods and services, and employee count by industry.

    A complete set of 2012 Yearbook table data is available.

    If you have problems viewing the Excel files, see Opening files and PDFs.

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