Foto Diem – Peter J Fraser Photography – case study

Peter Fraser is a photographer with vision. When he started his business, ‘Foto Diem – Peter J Fraser Photography’ he was following his passion – but he wanted the business to be satisfying financially as well as creatively.


To achieve this he knew he would have to build a customer base quickly and offer a range of in-demand, profitable services.


“I wanted to know what regions I should be focusing on, with which services.”


After hearing about Statistics New Zealand through a friend, Peter looked at the free tools for small businesses at


Firstly, he wanted to understand the best areas in which to advertise family photography. Using Market Mapper, Peter was able to determine the areas in which more families lived. This gave him an idea of where he should focus his marketing efforts.


“Without a huge budget, I have to be very targeted with my advertising,” Peter says.


Next, Peter looked at national opportunities for wedding photography. Using Infoshare, he estimated the potential number of marriages by region. He then used NZ.Stat to find the number of photography businesses operating in each region, and to identify the regions with higher average incomes. Peter quickly built a picture of the regions with the greatest potential for wedding photography services.


“Success in business depends on investing your time and money wisely. Using data can help you get the best bang for your buck.”


Finally, Peter wanted to explore opportunities for baby photography. Using Infoshare again, he looked for the number of births in each District Health Board, to determine the most cost-effective regions to market to.


“Stats have loads of free data that can help businesses. If you can’t find the data you want just call Stats on 0508 525 525 or email and they’ll tell you how they can help.”


See Peter's work on his website and Facebook.

  • Image, Peter Fraser from Foto Diem – Peter J Fraser Photography.

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Peter J Fraser

Image, Peter Fraser.

Success in business depends on investing your time and money wisely. Using data can help you get the best bang for your buck.

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